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May 17, 2021, 08:39:03 pm

AAN 034 Coil conversion kit

Started by francois, June 17, 2010, 03:22:43 am

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As anyone installed or know someone that has installed the 034 AAN coil conversion kit, my S6 continues to run like crap due to poor ignition, I have already replaced a few coil packs and a POS over the last couple years.
This kit seems like a good solution/upgrade to the 15 year old stock set up.
please sound in if you have one or know of someone that installed it.
Would like some feedback before spending beaucoup$$$$$

Thanks in advance


I should have showed you my car.. It has the coil pack kit on it.. They mounted them under my rain tray in the cowl area...  I have not had any issue with them in 15,000 miles. I can snap some pics for you if needed...
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Thanks Tim, I do not need the pictures, there is plenty of info on their site, I wanted some feedback since I have been replacing a few of the old coild packs over the last couple years.
thanks for the + feedback on the kit


I have heard some negatives about the 034 kit, but I have no personal experience with it.  Personally, I ordered the apikol 1.8t conversion kit, available here www.apikol.com  have not received it yet, but i have heard some good things about it.  I should have it installed by monday i think..
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Thank you, let me know how they turn out.
Happy motoring


i've had the HO kit for a little over a year, car runs much better with these coils but I had 2 weak oem coils.  this past july one of my 034 HO coils failed, coil at cylinder 1.  034 was fast to ship me another coil for $70, never yet have I seen a warranty refund for the replacement coil I bought.
also found recently that if you wrap the too long plug wires under the coil cover they arch on each other which can cause misfire and harm to the coils, I think this may be how my coil failed.  I can see white markings on the plug wires where they had arched

otherwise they work great


I switched to the 034 a few month ago and it has worked great so far.