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May 17, 2021, 08:10:08 pm

looking to buy 2000 s4

Started by partgerman, October 16, 2009, 04:48:22 pm

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What problems should i look for?

engine mechanical
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reviewed service records and found that turbos have been replaced.  what else should i be looking into?


Make sure that the timing belt/tensioner/water pump has been done.  That's the biggest concern. 

How many miles are on it?
Manual or auto trans?
Control arm bushings making any noise?
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Quote from: Legato on October 16, 2009, 05:05:07 pm
Make sure that the timing belt/tensioner/water pump has been done.  That's the biggest concern. 

How many miles are on it?
Manual or auto trans?
Control arm bushings making any noise?


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Also ask about the transmission.  I believe syncros were an issue in the first model year.  

Also ask if the oil lines were replaced- they enlarged them for '01 or '01.5.  They should have replaced them with the turbos.
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Yeah, try the 1-2 shift on a very cold morning without the vehicle being warmed up yet.
Wheelbearings are another thing to watch for.  Also the center display on the dash is known for losing pixels.  It's difficult to read how many miles to empty I have with some missing lines.  And on the driver's heated seat, not all of it heats up anymore on mine.  I started noticing it lost some heating elements around the 80k mark.

The control arms/tie rods were already mentioned.  I'm surprised the turbos have been replaced already.  Mine are at 118,000 miles *knock on wood*.  Oh yeah, there is a rubber boot that has been known to tear as well as the stock bypass valves failing. 

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The B5 is a great car. I owned an "a box" (2000) for a few years. If you are planning on getting into one of these cars your best bet is to find a car that has all the quirks taken care of. Sadly, once these cars are chipped the turbos become a ticking time bomb. How long is the tick you ask? My tick lasted 60k others I know are past the 200k mark. A good thing is there are now many upgraded turbos from k04's, rs6's all the way to large GT turbos. To have a shop do this repair it will cost about 6k to 25k depending on what turbos you pick and if you have the supporting modifications. This is why I tell you to look for a well sorted car. It will not only save you money in the long run but it will be a much more reliable car. As for the trans, this is also a known problem that seems to be found on cars that are shifted very hard(look for a loose shifter bushing). Once again this can happen at 20k or never at all. It depends on the driver. This fix can cost from 1k to 3k.

As for everything else on the S4 they are just like any other VAG car. You will be replacing Your control arms, tir rods, and wheel bearing every couple years.

Just one thing to remember, you are buying a 10 year old car. Do a lot of research and take your time. I know of well taken care of sorted out cars all over the US if you are really interested in an S4. You can email me whenever. Jarett@theroadshowinc.com


i see some S4s with real high miles, so i assume the engines are good for long time. aside from turbos are the B5 S4s good, i mean reliable?  my friend had 20,000 trouble free miles on his k04'd s4 then he rolled it.  keeps telling me i need oe and everytime i drive his im addicted.

people say they are real expensive to own and not to buy one, thesse are particicularly URS owners.
i want either a stage 3 B5 S4 or stage 3 B6 A4 1.8
thanks for help

  if your looking for a sedan, i'd suggest a stage 3 built sedan. all the expensive stuff is done and the built cars dont cost much more than stock cars.  yes i think more reliable