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Anyone put on their summer shoes yet besides my next door neighbor?

Started by Bronze, March 16, 2009, 12:17:31 pm

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I got the S8 back today from Eurotec/SwedishEngineering.  New control arms, tie rods, serp belt, motor oil, and trans fluid.

Even more important, the summer treads: Bridgestone Potenze RE-01R tires (snagged on closeout at Tire Rack for $139 for 245/45/18 !!!)

I got home from that and got motivated, so installed the replacement fog light grille (missing for about 1.5 years) and the Europlate bracket, and then pulled the fog light grilles back off and replaced the fog lamp bulbs..

Feels and looks like an almost new car, to me at least, for now, haha :D

Keith, Ann Arbor, MI
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Amazing what a car feel like after new control arms, hu?  After I replaced mine it felt like a new car.   

Driving on I75 with the snows on yesterday with the wind made me wonder if people thought I had been drinking.   
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i've been on summer tires for almost 3 weeks, blew out one of my snow tires on a pot hole so had no choice, got stuck last week on flat ground in 6 inches of snow for 2 days, just spins the tires.  but since then all has been just fine, i think its safe now


Still waiting until the pothole patrol does their job....so I'm keeping my winter set-up on for probably another month!!! AGHHHH
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I wouldn't hold your breath.  Last I heard the D.O.T. is cutting way back on active maintenance this season.
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Well west Tory has been out 4 times in the last month and a 1/2 so I wish they would cut back I am sick of cleaning off that Shit!!!   I would rather dodge the pot holes then get that tar off that flies all over the road. 

Why don't they at least pack it in the hole instead of just making a little mound for us to pack in with our nice cars, I just don't agree with how it is done and most roads should just be rebiult the right way after all a patch is a temporary fix isn't it.


Brilliant Yellow
01 B5 A4 1.8tqs
Bilstien / H&R / Kosei K1s / APR 93 Flash
710n DV / Wrenched by GMWwaterford.com
ACNA # 23047