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January 21, 2021, 02:33:31 pm

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Projects / Re: My 97 A6Q avant
Last post by SpeedyDTP247 - December 16, 2019, 03:40:02 pm
I no longer own this avant.
Projects / Re: My 97 A6Q avant
Last post by SpeedyDTP247 - March 21, 2017, 07:36:51 pm
Its been awhile since I updated this. Before winter I bought a 2nd set of wheels (wine glasses) and had my blizzaks installed on them. Around early December my A6Q avant bacame my wife's new daily driver since her car became too much to keep it on the road money wise. Just wasn't worth dumping more money into it since it was on its last leg.

Now ready for the winter.

Now that winter is over I swapped over the all season tires to these wheels since I really love the looks of these wine glass wheels.

Now looking good for the spring/summer/fall. The blizzaks will go on the stock 5 spoke wheels.
Projects / Re: My 95.5 UrS6 Avant *now un...
Last post by SpeedyDTP247 - March 20, 2017, 10:42:52 am

Ruh-roh! I decided to sell the engine as I'm planning on something different whether its a different power plant or just completely parting it out.
Projects / Re: My 97 A6Q avant
Last post by SpeedyDTP247 - March 09, 2016, 06:02:39 pm

I borrowed my UrS6 wheels and installed new tires since it was time to take off the stock wheels that has Blizzaks on them.

I was able to get my UrS6 front seats back. I gave them to a friend as a payment for some work he did and I swapped him the front seats from this A6 plus cash for those UrS6 seats back. Gosh how much I love these Recaro seats!!!!!
Projects / Re: My previously owned 93 UrS...
Last post by SpeedyDTP247 - January 03, 2016, 11:17:02 am
I just sold this 93 UrS4. Sad that it came down to this but I just couldn't afford to keep up with all the issues that it needed to keep it.
Projects / and so the modding begins
Last post by SpeedyDTP247 - December 19, 2015, 05:31:29 pm
I just can't help myself! You know I can't keep this 100% stock! So let the modding begin!

So lets start with swapping out the interior wood trim.

This look isn't for me.

The start of the swap.

Got all the carbon fiber trim swapped in 8) all thanks to from my UrS4.

This is the last trim piece that I needed to figure out. What to do, what to do.

I decided to paint it universal flat black and it didn't turn all that bad.

Next is to get rid of this lousy steering wheel! (I didn't take a pic of the actual steering wheel but it looks exactly the same as this one that was in my old 93 UrS4)

This sport wheel is sooooo much better! This steering wheel use to be in my old UrS4.

Now to fix this eye sore!!!!

This looks tons better!!!! I swapped over this euro center tail from my UrS4.

Finally to take care of this uncomfortable rear seats!

Swapped in my old UrS6 avant seats. It's nice to keep around old parts because you never know when you'll need them! I will be swapping in my old UrS6 front seats but I need to save extra money (not sure when that will be) to buy back my old front seats and exchange these stock seats for it.
Projects / my previously owed 97 A6Q avan...
Last post by SpeedyDTP247 - December 13, 2015, 12:08:06 pm
On October 14th I picked up a 97 A6Q avant as my new daily driver. Reason being is that my daily UrS4 needs a ton of work done to it as I couldn't keep up with it and I needed a new daily driver. This is my 1st ever Audi with a automatic transmission which I'm not to fond of but the reason why I bought one with a auto trans because this will eventually become my step-son's ride in a few more years when he gets his drivers license.

Here a couple of pics I took the day I picked up the avant.

starting to get ready for the long road trip back

at a rest stop during my trip back

finally home with it
Projects / Re: UR quattro just joined
Last post by team illuminata - October 27, 2015, 02:38:08 pm
I reassembled the wiper mechanism today and put it back in the car. Seems to work.


As I had to remove a couple of relays to make enough room I cleaned the fuse box and coated all the relay contacts with dielectric grease.

Inspired by my electrical prowess I might tackle adding relays to the headlights tomorrow. I seem to remember reading about a simple plug and play kit that was available. Anyone have a source?
Projects / Re: UR quattro just joined
Last post by team illuminata - October 26, 2015, 02:32:53 pm
I took the wiper mechanism out of the car today because it was running slow. Typical of this car: you can see it, can remove the bolts but have to jiggle the crap out of it to extract it! Will be fun putting it back.

The theory is that the spindle bearings and joints seize up over time. I sprayed the joints with grease and greased the pivots. I couldn't say that they were seized but I believe they are now free-er at least.

Another theory is that the gear lube gets old and dry but I have to drill out rivets to get inside. Not sure about that yet.

I then installed the replacement coolant reservoir.

Projects / Re: UR quattro just joined
Last post by team illuminata - October 23, 2015, 12:41:07 pm
Inspired by the clean engine bay I thought I'd go parts shopping. First thing to show up was this new hall sensor for the distributor. The old one broke the connector off during engine extraction but was marginal anyway. This one is meant for a Ford but seems to be a match. Not ready to disassemble the distributor right now though.

I managed to find a used coolant reservoir locally. This is after I cleaned it out. It is a slightly different shape on top but has the same part number. At least it's not in-your-face-shiny-new looking.

I thought it might be an idea to pressure test it so enlisted my bike pump. Gave it 22psi and a bath. No bubbles and it held that pressure overnight. I guess we pressure tested the pump too.

I sent off the steering rack for a refresh to Jorgen Automotive. They seem to be the authority in these matters and are only 45 minutes west of me. Sent it Monday, got it back Wednesady! Amazing turnaround. I specifically asked them not to bead blast the body as I wanted to retain the patina. Normally they would be like new when they are done.

I also sent out the turbo for rebuild but that won't be back till next week at the earliest.

Not sure what to tackle next. Might refurbish the wiper mechanism as it's slow and I can stand in the engine bay to work on it. I could open up troubleshooting the CIS system but that's probably too a big job for my current schedule, or I could add some relays to the headlights as they are a lot more accessible with the engine out. Damn, everything is a lot more accessible with the engine out on this thing.
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