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April 18, 2021, 07:08:35 pm

Window regulator clips

Started by vtraudt, July 13, 2011, 06:21:32 am

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For those suffering from slow or stuck (or down) Audi/VW windows: I now have the clips for the cars/models listed below in stock
(OEM clips are not available for most models; instead, you have to buy the complete regulator at typically $150 (ebay)).

On my B5 A4 I took matters in my own hands, and used by brothers (I am in Germany) to find a source.
I am now stocking the window regulator clips for VW and Audi models.

Typical front clips cost $20 for the pair (2 per window) shipped; rears (often larger) are a bit more.

PM or post with your model/year and location (front/rear, left/right). I can send you pic and paypal invoice.

If you know how to take the panels off your doors, you can change the clips (they basically snap in).

Let me know if you already have the 'symptoms':
- window moving slowly
- slight tilt of the window on one side when going up
- need help by hand to go up

Those are signs of a broken clip. Chances are the 2nd clip breaks (at which point the window stays down), or the window motor burns out.