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Munk's & Steves European Auto in waterford

Started by mi-audiguy, December 13, 2009, 09:23:57 am

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Quote from: audi detroit on December 13, 2009, 05:36:40 pm
Who the hell is this guy? I mean come on!? You start a tread about two shops that in my opinion are shady and are a bunch of amateurs? I will say from plenty of experiences that Steve's is a sub-par shop and would never send my worst enemy there. There is a reason why you like them its because all of his Audi customers have left.

Stefan is one of the most knowable and honest Audi/ BMW/ Mercedes mechanics around. Bar none! Since '04 I have never taken my Audi anywhere else and will always take my car there for top quality service. GMW is is one of those establishments that will be around awhile because when you care about your customer base and treat them well they will always return and spread the good word. ;)

first click the link...


before you try slamming your opinion about something down someones throat like it is the truth go check your facts first! is gmw a 4 star bosch service center? how long have they been around? (1971?)how many bosch certified mechanics work there? have any famous car guys ever worked there? (like tim allen?) ok i understand you like stefan and i am sure he does a good job and has treated you well but i like to base my opinion on facts, like chris braden has never steered me wrong and has gone above and beyond to help me with my projects including letting me pull them into his shop and work on them there and coming in on his days off to get me a part i needed ask stefan to show up on a sunday so you can pick up a rear wheel bearing for your car and tell me what he says... his response shall be my ending to my post



Tim Allan Sucks!!!!  By the way the fact that he may have worked there would have nothing to to with going there,  But you do site very good reasons for going there, Munks is a fine place but All shops drop the ball some times and once it happens to you its not fun.  Each person has their opinions and some do go over board to make their point so I think it is time to drop this topic.  AGGREE TO DISAGREE LIKE MEN !!!!


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Quote from: mi-audiguy on March 21, 2010, 04:55:59 am
wow it seems like i have sparked a little anger here!? well i do 99.9% of my own work on my cars when i say i go to munks and steve's it is for parts and advice on the project because they will tell me where i went wrong or give me the direction i need to tackle the job at hand. where as to other shops will say 'bring it in and i'll figure it out for you' fu*k you it's my project and i am not tainting it with some other monkeys hand unless i have no other choice... I have quite an extensive background in mechanics and have built a couple of 9 second mustangs with my own hands! so when you pu**y's get angry because you have to suckle the teet of a shop just to do your tune ups or slight modifications i laugh at you. while i haul my engine block onto the cnc mill at my work just to clean the cylinders up, or take the head into the cmm room just to make sure it is within specs. sorry if you don't agree with my methods of getting info, parts, or advice, but i don't agree with people calling themselves enthusiasts and never getting their own hands dirty for anything more then changing an occasional tire. but if you don't fall into that aforementioned category then please don't take offense but if you do you can suck a wet fart from my ass and hold it in like a bong hit, for criticizing my methods! i was under the impression that this was a forum for motor city audi enthusiasts not a campaign to get all possible cars over to gmw... i have never used them before but next time i need something i will try them and see how the knowledge and pricing compare. btw no offense to anyone i was just a little upset when i logged back into my acct. here and found the bombardment of hate over one of my posts. i have never been scammed by either of the two shops i use and i actually have a really good friendship with chris  braden from munks he has gone well out of his way to make sure i got exactly what i needed when i needed it. so :P

I can't tell you how many times people have been screwed by Steve's.  I'm glad they gave you helpful advice without charging you an arm and leg.  Hell, I've had some bad experiences there myself.  Trying to rip me off for some repairs, and over charging my money for just a flash upgrade. Mike maybe the only person I would trust there.  But unfortunately one doesn't make up for the crew.  

I'm glad you can work on your car, but who cares?  Most of the people here do a lot of there own work as well.  And most of us all trust GMW and their work.  what I bolded is exactly why you are biased with Monks, and the same reason I personally am biased with Stefan. Stefan has gone above and beyond many times for me and people here.  

I find your insults pathetic in your posts. Personally, if you really wanted to represent Monks and gather more business for them, the least you could of done is to NOT make a douchenozzle of yourself, and give the decency and respect to others on here.  You may have your opinion, but we have ours. Learn to respect it.
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with all due respect i was not trying to drum up business for anyone. just letting everyone know who i go to with issues when i have them. it's just when people call them amatuers and scam artists i thought i had to defend them and let people know how felt about their opinion.
if any of my posts are found to be unsubstantiated or completely false then please show me my mistake do not take on a offensive strike against me like i just stepped into some type of communist regime where there is only one choice. i have made my choices through fact based decisions and i like to believe them to be true until some other fact comes along and nullifies my original decision. munk's has matched and beat any prices for me even online or e-bay prices on any part i needed i am sure that others would go the same distance for loyal customers especially if they have been going there since 1990. as far as steves goes they get me good 'recycled' parts and have acces to some things that other shops don't have on-hand anymore. other then that i have never driven a car into one of the bays there because i never needed anything done that made it mandatory to go to them. anyone want to lecture me on what toilet paper i need to use from now on?


^ Charmin :) on that bomb shell, glad you got it cleared.  I'm sure some members here will consider it, if they are as great as you say. 
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Quote from: mi-audiguy on March 21, 2010, 11:34:26 am
first click the link...


What?  A nomination?  If they were that great they woulda won it like these guys...

Click for some real winners

And I'm staying out of the rest of the conversation cause I really don't care.
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I know this is an old post and I am by no means trying to drum up trouble but i do have an opinion on the subject that I thought i would share.
I have used all 3 of these shops. Just like most here, yes, I agree Stephan is exceptional.
In the past, when I had my VWs, I had them serviced as well as with my old Audi 90, at Steves. They always did a nice job for me.
As for Munks, here is where i have the issue. Many years ago, I had my vehicle there for service. It was my first service on my first Audi and I got them recommended to me through the local VW forum. I needed service on my CV as it was making terrible noise. When I took it in, They looked at it and determined the boot was torn and there was a lot of dirt packed in the joint. They told me that it was very possible that they could clean and regrease the joint and it would be still usable with only replacing the boot. After they claimed to have cleaned and inspected the joint, they called me to tell me it was too damaged to reuse and i would need a new part. I don't recall the price of the new joint but I am pretty sure it was around $200.
When I got the vehicle back, I was given the detailed bill and the service report. I was billed for a new joint and when i got in the car, there was a box with my old parts in it. When I arrived home, I opened the box and it only contained the torn boot. Then I read the technicians notes on the report and it clearly stated that the joint was cleaned, greased and a new boot was replaced. I immediately called them. They were adamant that they replaced the joint. I crawled under the car and every indication was that they used the old joint and charged me for a new one. I called and emailed them and demanded that I get the used part back from them. They told me they couldn't find it but were looking. I continued to demand to see the old part and they continued to tell me that they were looking. Only after several weeks, I received an email from them saying they found it and i could come pick it up.
I think i did put this review on the VW board where I got the recommendation then. I should have pursued it further with Munks but I never really resolved it. I am quite certain that they charged me for a part that was never put on my vehicle. They never admitted it and never offered to refund me the cost of this part.
my 2ยข on all 3 shops

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