Weekend Car Show in München

I’ve recently move to Munich for work, and as part of this European [strike]vacation[/strike] relocation I have kept lots of exploration time on the calendar.  This weekend I ventured out to the Olympia Park in northern Munich, west of the English Gardens.  It is a beautiful complex which appears quite modern in its architecture.  The only evidence its almost 40 years old is the tarnish on some of the metal, the fading of white plastic structural elements, and unclean exterior glass.  With a quick spit shine it would look brand new.

Exiting the U-Bahn at OlympiaZentrum, the first thing you notice is a giant BMW building.  You can tell its a BMW building because the top 15 stories were reserved for a giant BMW sign.  You also walk past a very cool building with BMW’s on the front porch and a sign that says, “BMW Museum”.  Color me intrigued.

The park on this random weekend had about 1,000 people in it; relaxing and enjoying the wonderful views in all sorts of manners.  Much to my surprise though, I stumbled upon a car show at the center of the park.  It was sponsored by Pirelli, and appeared rather small in size — only 50 cars at most.  Nonetheless I was in Germany and I stumbled upon a car show, what an opportunity to see some really cool euro tuned cars!

Upon closer inspection though, it appears many euro, euro car enthusiasts watch too much pimp my ride.  I took a few photos of some offenders.

Suffice to say I was disappointed.  Nonetheless the BMW museum and the Audi factory tour are high on my list of things to do (not enough time to hit the BMW museum this weekend).  I’ll be making a day trip to Ingolstadt and hopefully the following day can trek back up to the north side for the BMW tour.

Not all hope was lost though, as the cleanest car was parked under some trees away from the rest, and with a trailer hitched to it.  Some competition for the Dodge van!

Finally, I will leave you with something that is a mystery to me.  It looks like an American car, but I’ll be damned if its not a euro in disguise.  Can I get some help in clearing this mystery up?

Leave your thoughts in the thread.

It was a great day and a beautiful place with some incredible views.  If you have some free time in Munich to relax, definitely check it out.  It makes you think back to when the Olympics were here, and what a happening place this must have been.

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