Throw some HID’s on your classic Audi/VW

All Audi vehicles are designed to produce highly effective performance results on the road or track while looking stylish accomplishing it all. Still, just because the intention behind a vehicle’s design is in the right place doesn’t mean that the final outcome meets or exceeds expectations. Though most Audis are more than suited for the road as manufactured, there are some unique opportunities to enhance the stock design of your Audi for improved performance results and an enhanced appearance. And one of those opportunities begins with your car’s headlight array.
HID headlights were built to outperform halogen headlight systems in just about every way. Over 3x brighter and nearly 10x as long lasting as halogens, HIDs can be installed once and last for years emitting intense, high quality light. All you need to do in order to get them on your car is to pick up one of many available aftermarket Audi HID kits, commit an hour or two to installation, and you’re good to go.
With the increased brightness of HIDs comes improved visual range, meaning you’ll be able to see farther down highways and back roads than you were used to when using halogen headlights. The brightness doesn’t only increase straight-ahead visual range either. With this new lighting technology, you’ll be able to see more clearly at the peripheries of your vision, allowing for better awareness of what’s going on at the sides of the road. In the event that an animal unexpectedly crosses the road or a cyclist accidently swerves onto the street, you’ll be more keenly aware of their movement and hopefully be able to maneuver out of the way in time.
Safety enhancements aren’t the only advantages of using HIDs on your Audi.  Consider the sleek build of your Audi A6 or the streamlined body of your Audi R8. Designed for maximum impact in terms of high style and built to elicit awed responses, Audi vehicles don’t sell for their performance attributes alone. HIDs are much the same way. You can customize the color of your Audi’s headlights with Audi HID kits, and that allows you much greater control over your car’s appearance after dark. With vivid blue headlights that look ultramodern or piercing white ones that look fierce and elegant all at once, you certainly don’t have to settle for that yellow hued light most halogen headlights emit. You can even customize the light color to match the body paint of your car, or go for something that clashes if you want a more eccentric look. The point is, you not only get better on-road vision with HIDs, you can also drive in greater style with them too. Plus, color changes don’t affect the intensity or operation of the lights in any way.
There are plenty more HID advantages to mention, such as better light reflection off of road signs and light production that appears more natural to human eyes, but the list would be too long. Instead, consider the current state of your Audi’s headlights, how dim they’ve become or how effective they still are, and compare that to the investment of time and money necessary to install a kit. If the advantages outweigh the negatives, you’ll know which headlight type to choose.

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